Least Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts

After an exhaustive amount of research, Egg Tree News has managed to uncover the LEAST popular Valentine’s gifts on the market this year:

1. A fuzzy wuzzy puppy from Michael Vick’s “Cuddle Farm.”

2. Paris Hilton’s “10 Things I Love to Screw About You.”

3. Pebble-flavored Sweetheart Candies engraved with, “Can I borrow $50?”

4. Coupon for a free bucket of sugar with a Denny’s entree of your choice.

5. A singing telegram from “reality star”/ tonedeaf blowupdoll Heidi Montag.

6. Proactiv Acne Solution Kit

7. Tiger Woods’ “Valentine’s Day Variety Hour Special” on DVD.

8. Amy Winehouse’s heart-shaped gift bags of crackpipes and syringes.

9. “Bakers Gone Wild: Valentine’s Edition” on DVD.

10. Deodorant.


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