Fried Eggs in an Envelope: Headlines To Go

Today’s Egg Tree News Briefs in a convenient, to-go envelope:

***Nation’s Stoners Refuse to Shut Up About Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”***

***Local Bitch Voices Opposition to Your Dog’s Paws Touching Her Manicured Lawn, As Her Cat Ironically Pisses On the Grass Right at Her Feet***

***Gangster Rapping Thug, “The Game,” Orders Judge Presiding Over His Assault Case to Stop Referring to Him as Gangster Rapper; Prefers To Be Called Less Prejudicial Title, “Poet of the Blossoms”***

***Clueless Cokehead Partygirl Lindsay Lohan Organizes Search Party to Help Locate Her Missing Career, Last Bag of Cocaine***

***Crack Addicted Singer Amy Winehouse Designing Clothing Line for Neglected Demographic of Size -3 Gutterskanks with Bacterial Skin Infections and Huge Fake Ta-Tas***

***Fabreeze Loses Courageous Battle With Wicked Cloud of Funk Emanating From Doghouse***


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  1. I thought you would be interested in a news report about a 40year old man who threw an egg at a judge during a hearing about his missed child support payments. The man,in his own defense, indicated he was aiming for a sign behind the judge not the judge. I am however left with one question-why does a man bring an egg to court?

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