all about egg-o

Location: 3rd dimension, Planet Earth, Pacific Northwest quadrant of the Americas

Gender: A woman a man walked by

Age: (6 squared + (3-1))

Ethnicity: Human

Favorite color: not orange

Favorite food: ambrosia custom-made by hummingbirds

Superpower: losing keys

Favorite animal: The baby sloth. Seriously. I dare you to google “baby sloth in pajamas” and not fall in love.

Role models: Michelangelo, Alexander the Great, Coraline, Bugs Bunny.

Pet peeve: pets who pee inside

Favorite Movie(s):Legend, Dead Man, Legendary Dead Man, Dead Legend Man, Manly Dead Legend

Favorite Children’s Storybook: War and Peace

Favorite Grownup Book: Where the Wild Things Are

Favorite Golden Girl: hands down, Sophia

Hobbies: we should play some chess sometime

Personal commandment: Thou shalt not bore thyself

Favorite thing(s) to grow: sunflowers, book collections

Things I collect: tattoos, jokes, memories, wisdom

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